Funky Atzen vs. Team Blacktown
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 7.  16.

 Funky Atzen
 Team Blacktown
Status: closed
MatchID 24154479
Date Monday, 07 November 20:00
Calculated Monday, 07 November 20:43
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Result Media
tba 7 : 5
tba 5 : 7
Points +1 : +1
Monday, 07 November 20:47
514 kB, Monday, 07 November 20:47, by renki (bT | Speed)
Monday, 07 November 20:47
548 kB, Monday, 07 November 20:47, by renki (bT | Speed)
Monday, 07 November 20:42
Round 1*
285 kB, Monday, 07 November 20:42, by 4048881 (Funky)
Monday, 07 November 20:43
Round 2*
145 kB, Monday, 07 November 20:43, by 4048881 (Funky)
* No longer available

Funky Atzen

Team Blacktown

Team Blacktown
03/11/11 19:57
The SCS#2 is over for the second division, but not for us! We have to fight on - and we will do that! The 6. round is against the funky Atzen. Their homemap Coconuts from nlpwf is not the hardest of the whole championship, but there are some tricky parts in it. We hope we can solve these problems in training the map very hard.

Have fun and good Luck!

Team Blacktown
Funky Atzen
06/11/11 06:17
Statement 'Funky Atzen'
Tomorrow we will drive our next match vs. blacktown, a new founded team with some good drivers. We drove never against them, so we dont know what will expect us. But we'll dont underestimate blacktown.
I think how the match will go out depends on our training and our lineup.
We wish good luck for both teams :)

see ya tomorrow
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