sigN Speed Team vs. eSports United.SPS VI
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 13.  19.

 sigN Speed Team
 eSports United.SPS VI
Status: closed
MatchID 24154478
Date Sunday, 06 November 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 06 November 21:05
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Result Media
tba 1 : 7
tba 2 : 7
eSports United.SPS VI wins !
Points 0 : +3
Sunday, 06 November 20:35
Round 1*
319 kB, Sunday, 06 November 20:35, by 3364576 (eSU)
Sunday, 06 November 20:35
Round 2*
316 kB, Sunday, 06 November 20:35, by 3364576 (eSU)
* No longer available

eSports United.SPS VI

sigN Speed Team

Ok here we go again....i had to do a lot of studies in this week, so to be honest i dont really know at all if my mates trained or not. I know that Addi and Roadrunner trained on our servers and especially on their own homemap they are really good. I hope we will win, but i know that it will be a nice war. Gl and hf and let's give the guys on the relay servers a nice fight. :)
sigN Speed Team
06/11/11 10:27
Statement of SigN.Gaming:
So this is our next match. ESU is a strong opponent. They really trained our map well, so this is going to be tough. But we will do our best to win this match. What more could I say? I don´t know. Have Fun Good Luck and so on, Enjoy the Game and LET THE SPEEDSPIRIT RISE.
MFG RoadRunner ;)
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