Easy.eSports vs. Team Blacktown
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 10.  13.

 Team Blacktown
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MatchID 24154475
Date Sunday, 30 October 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 30 October 22:30
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Result Media
tba 7 : 1
tba 4 : 7
overall 1 : 0
Easy.eSports wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 30 October 22:36
375 kB, Sunday, 30 October 22:36, by 4147901 (eK.)
Sunday, 30 October 22:36
Burn too Slow*
354 kB, Sunday, 30 October 22:36, by 4147901 (eK.)
Sunday, 30 October 19:44
Round 1*
99 kB, Sunday, 30 October 19:44, by rage
Sunday, 30 October 19:42
Round 2*
98 kB, Sunday, 30 October 19:42, by rage
* No longer available


Team Blacktown

29/10/11 12:49
Hi, we are really looking forward to this match versus the suprise-team of the season. We know how strong blacktown is and we will go in there with all our might and why the fuck do we have to write 50 words containing all that "gl & hf" every match ^^

However.. lets have a good match and a fair match and a match.
Team Blacktown
28/10/11 08:34
The Easy Killers are good drivers, like Marv!B and smart, so wie will be trained very well. Currently eK occupy the 2. place, only one place in front of us. Their homemap is an old ESL-map, "ESL-Burn too slow". It's hard but we will give our best and will hopefully practiced enough to win these tournament and climb up the table. We look forward to a exciting and fair match.


Team Blacktown
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