sigN Speed Team vs. Monarch
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 4.  16.

 sigN Speed Team
Status: closed
MatchID 24154473
Date Monday, 31 October 21:00
Calculated Monday, 31 October 22:08
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Result Media
tba 5 : 7
tba 1 : 7
Monarch wins !
Points 0 : +3
Monday, 31 October 21:19
211 kB, Monday, 31 October 21:19, by 5120300 (sigN)
Tuesday, 01 November 10:10
293 kB, Tuesday, 01 November 10:10, by 5270989 (Mnh ¦¦)
Monday, 31 October 21:19
201 kB, Monday, 31 October 21:19, by 5120300 (sigN)
Monday, 31 October 21:37
Rien de Regrette*
335 kB, Monday, 31 October 21:37, by 4302339 (Mnh ¦¦)
* No longer available


31/10/11 09:42
Monarch statement
Hello everybody !
Here we go on the 5th day of this sps 2 ! This war moved to play today at 21.00 because of birthday's Sign's player ! We can all whish a happy birthday to this player.
However, Monarch don't be cool against Sign on this match. Maybe we lost against tbr, but we have to win all the others matchs !!

This war will be really interresting against nice opponents.

Have Fun & Good Luck Sign !
sigN Speed Team
31/10/11 13:57
Statement of SigN.Gaming:
Hey All,
This is now our next oponnent, Monarch. Monarch rymes on the german verb "schnarch". That´s what we manly did :D but we´re still in the form of our live. Monarch is quite a good team but if they´re as motivated as at their last match on their map I think we might can get more points than 0 ;). I hope for a bad failing match so we might get something countable :D.
Greets RoadRunner
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