Easy.eSports vs. Lethal Angelz.tmnf
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 Lethal Angelz.tmnf
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MatchID 24154469
Date Sunday, 23 October 19:00
Calculated Sunday, 23 October 21:18
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tba 7 : 0
tba 7 : 0
Easy.eSports wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 23 October 22:45
433 kB, Sunday, 23 October 22:45, by Polak (Lλ'z)
Sunday, 23 October 22:45
429 kB, Sunday, 23 October 22:45, by Polak (Lλ'z)
Sunday, 23 October 23:06
Eyes of Fury*
486 kB, Sunday, 23 October 23:06, by 2331477 (eK.)
* No longer available


Lethal Angelz.tmnf

Lethal Angelz.tmnf
20/10/11 14:19
sad but true...
... When the season starts, we were still full of motivation. But now fifa crossed our plan to train for this turnament. Only a few guys are plaing tm right now so i think it would be very easy for eK. Its the last Speedturnament in the ESL and maybe the last turnament for me and LA´z. Lets have some fun in the last matches!
22/10/11 07:29
Hi there,

it's kinda sad to hear, that our opponents this time are kinda unmotivated. However, we like to see a good and fair match with nice times and spectacular fails ^^.

Eyes of Fury is in my opinion one of the best maps in the entire pack. We rly like to drive it!

so Get Life and Have Friends! (stolen from an unknown esu member)
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