sigN Speed Team vs. Team Blacktown
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 sigN Speed Team
 Team Blacktown
Status: closed
MatchID 24154467
Date Wednesday, 26 October 21:00
Calculated Wednesday, 26 October 22:26
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Result Media
tba 7 : 4
tba 1 : 7
overall 0 : 1
Team Blacktown wins !
Points 0 : +3
Wednesday, 26 October 21:44
Round 1*
92 kB, Wednesday, 26 October 21:44, by rage
Wednesday, 26 October 21:45
Round 2*
95 kB, Wednesday, 26 October 21:45, by rage
* No longer available

sigN Speed Team

Team Blacktown

Team Blacktown
22/10/11 09:07
sigN showed a good performance in the Speed Championship #2 so far. They are a good Speed-Team which exists a long time and they want to win, like all the other teams. Their map has some speedslides which are very tricky to get. We do our best and look forward to an exciting match.
sigN Speed Team
25/10/11 12:16
Statement of SigN.Gaming:
So this is now our 4th match against Team Blacktown Trackmania. Unfortunately you can´t see any sigN´s in a black town so the only way how we can win against a black town is to bring light into the fight. Although they had a very close match against Bullracing and a even more close match against La´z I think we got the chance to beat this opponent. If we won this match we would still be the leader of the scs2. In this case LET THE SPEEDSPIRIT RISE!!
Greets RoadRunner
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