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 sigN Speed Team
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MatchID 24154457
Date Sunday, 09 October 19:00
Calculated Sunday, 09 October 21:55
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tba 7 : 1
tba 7 : 1
sigN Speed Team wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 09 October 19:40
Round 1 - sigN - Yoshi*
139 kB, Sunday, 09 October 19:40, by Yoshi (sigN)
Sunday, 09 October 19:40
Round 2 - sigN - Yoshi*
148 kB, Sunday, 09 October 19:40, by Yoshi (sigN)
* No longer available

sigN Speed Team

06/10/11 13:58
Match statement
and here we go for our second match , this time again versus a german team...the sigN...
Gonna be hard for us because some of our best players wont be here, but nevermind, we play for fun...
Hope it will be a nice match for both teams, and we ll try to do our best to win our first match..
Good luck and have fun !!
sigN Speed Team
07/10/11 08:18
Statement of SigN.Gaming:
So this is now our first match in the SCS2 against a non German speaking team. Unfortunately our best driver can´t participate so we got a little problem to set our lineup. But I hope that it will be enough against a team that disappointed in the first round. Now they also got several problems with their players so this is going to be a match with a lot of fails, tension and fun ;). We hope for a nice match and LET THE SPEEDSPIRIT RISE!!
Greets RoadRunner
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