sigN Speed Team vs. Lethal Angelz.tmnf
Contestants Parameters
 4.  19.

 sigN Speed Team
 Lethal Angelz.tmnf
Status: closed
MatchID 24154452
Date Sunday, 02 October 19:00
Calculated Sunday, 02 October 20:34
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Result Media
tba 7 : 4
tba 7 : 2
sigN Speed Team wins !
Points +3 : 0
Monday, 03 October 17:23
Round 1 - sigN - Yoshi*
81 kB, Monday, 03 October 17:23, by Yoshi (sigN)
Sunday, 02 October 20:35
Round 2 - sigN - Yoshi*
84 kB, Sunday, 02 October 20:35, by Yoshi (sigN)
* No longer available

Lethal Angelz.tmnf

sigN Speed Team

Lethal Angelz.tmnf
01/10/11 06:08
That's how I learned to know RoadRunner. Only on spamming: P Finally, our first match in the SCS. Even without the help of the admins, we should try to make the final speedevent to a successful tournament.
We wish you all a lot of fun and hope for a funny and nice first match
sigN Speed Team
01/10/11 04:40
Statement of SigN.Gaming:
Ouh I even got 4 words in the heading isn´t it nice? Yeah I really like this heading and also were it is set. It´s set in the last speed tournament in ESL. So let´s make this an Event anyone will remember. Don´t flame just joke ;). Try to have as much as fun as possible. I really wrote "as" to often^^. I hope that this tournament is not like the protagonist K. in Franz Kafka´s "Der Proceß". There he is just waiting for his death. So we shouldn´t do this in the last tournament. We should be active and full of power.

Peace RoadRunner
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