Bullracing vs. Team Blacktown
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 10.  19.

 Team Blacktown
Status: closed
MatchID 24154451
Date Monday, 03 October 20:30
Calculated Monday, 03 October 21:02
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Result Media
tba 7 : 1
tba 2 : 7
overall 1 : 0
Bullracing wins !
Points +3 : 0
Monday, 03 October 21:07
[FS] Angelus*
522 kB, Monday, 03 October 21:07, by renki (bT | Speed)
Monday, 03 October 21:10
Moving Power*
517 kB, Monday, 03 October 21:10, by renki (bT | Speed)
* No longer available


Team Blacktown

Team Blacktown
29/09/11 14:40
pre-match statement
This will be a hard match for us. We know Bullracing has good drivers and they are always trained well. Moreover Bullracing is the champion of the last year, so it is clear that they do everything to repeat that great performance. But we think our biggest problem is the map. Our drivers have good skills on Forever-Tracks, but we don't like the old ones like "Moving Power". The result is, that we have to train harder as usual, if we want to earn some points.
29/09/11 03:34
Yeah. Finally we know our first opponent. It's nice to see that the second - unfortunately the last - season of the Speed Championship is running now. Of course we want to win this season and become the champions again, because this will probably be the last chance to show it. So we are highly motivated and really looking for this first match. Have fun & good luck everyone!
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