Northern GamorZ vs. ATM Team
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 4.  0.

 Northern GamorZ
 ATM Team
Status: closed
MatchID 14101449
Date Wednesday, 10/06/09 14:00
Calculated 10/06/09 15:01
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ESL - Midnight Skillz` 3 7 : 0
ESL Messy 7 : 2
Northern GamorZ wins !
Points +16 : -16
comments (6)
Hi! we would like to play 4on4, tell us if you agree. :)
yes we agree and we allowed barred players ;)
Hi, thanks but finally we can only play 3on3, sorry for telling this with short time,but we have known it today.
We can host if you want, but we can not assure excelent ping (ADSL connection).
we will host
Northern GamorZ ESL in Germany / Lower Saxony / Oldenburg
pw : eslspeed
cu on
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GG, See you
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