3859316 vs. Cracker
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Status: closed
MatchID 17008923
Date Sunday, 24 January 21:00
Calculated Tuesday, 09 February 20:49
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Digital Driving 0 : 7
Digital Driving 0 : 7
Cracker wins ! (Default Win)
Points 0 : +3
comments (14)
Hi Now :D

hmm 2 times digital seems a little bit unlucky. In this case i take Moving Power if it's ok for you
ok :) i dont know maps... i took per random click :D
I can host a server. I will post infos some minutes before the match
sorry cracker, i cant drive today :(. can we drive tuesday?
hmm k tuesday is also possible for me. 20:00 or 21:00?
i prefer 20 o´clock :) may we have to drive later or earlier because i have very much matches this week :(
are you here? ^^
server: ArroW Train #1 in switzerland => Bern
pw: butterkeks
what do you think about driving the match on tuesday the 9th of February? I'm away until then, but i think this should be ok.
yes this is ok
what about 19:30 or 20:30? 20:00 is already occupied.
Defwin for you.
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