smog vs. Accelerated
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Status: closed
MatchID 28222236
Date Saturday, 27 April 20:10
Calculated Saturday, 27 April 18:52
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1 : 0
smog wins !
Saturday, 27 April 18:49
Round 1*
301 kB, Saturday, 27 April 18:49, by Rasque
* No longer available
comments (12)
heyho guys :)
hey there :)
Deftime should be ok for me.
Greets RR
I cant that time, maybe two hours earlier?
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dunno whether the day will work for me, its more than a week till that time. . .
2 hours earlier is even better than deftime :)
So? Whats with iMap?

Match @ 18:00?
edit: i guess the time will work for me
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could be two hours earlier?
So it will be at 18:00 CEST on 27th

Server details are coming later
Time is okey for me too... xD ... cu
I will mail you the server details before the match.

imap: we will wait until 18:10 and we start then. pls hurry dont keep us waiting
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gg wp guys
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