Owner vs. Rasque
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Status: closed
MatchID 26002346
Date Sunday, 27 May 18:00
Calculated Monday, 04 June 18:25
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ESL - Vurb! 0 : 1
Specialmap C 0 : 1
Rasque wins ! (Default Win)
Points 0 : +3
comments (9)
I´m in Italy from 26.05 till 03.06, when can we play?


Well what about a friday evening, this week?
Not that good, because we drive in the evening and I have to go to my friend early.
I prefer the next week, I can play monday to sunday, everytime you want :D
I feel confused..you said you are away^^ but ok will tell ya a good day on monday i think.
Good dates: friday, saturday. Good for you too? ~ 21.00 ?
Tomorrow 21.15h or later would be great
I'm fine around 22. @21 I'm on another war :)
no time at the moment, defwin for you, sorry
:( oki
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