Bullracing II vs. Speed-Racing Team SPS6
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 11.  15.

 Bullracing II
 Speed-Racing Team SPS6
Status: closed
MatchID 27872907
Date Sunday, 31 March 21:00
Calculated Monday, 01 April 13:28
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0 : 6
Speed-Racing Team SPS6 wins !
Points 0 : +3
Sunday, 31 March 23:16
Round 1*
431 kB, Sunday, 31 March 23:16, by 4917182 (Bullracing)
Sunday, 31 March 23:16
Round 1*
497 kB, Sunday, 31 March 23:16, by 4917182 (Bullracing)
Monday, 01 April 13:27
Round 1*
296 kB, Monday, 01 April 13:27, by milka (ςяτ)
Monday, 01 April 00:14
Round 1*
466 kB, Monday, 01 April 00:14, by 4917182 (Bullracing)
* No longer available

Bullracing II

comments (7)
Hi could we please play on Monday 18:00 or 19:00? It´s because of the puplic easter holiday on Sunday.
Any Feedback?
So, no answer meens yes?
Anyway: We could drive on our Server. Data will be posted later.


Server will be:
PW: brwar

If we don´t get any feedback from you within the next 3 hours we will drive today - like scheduled from the ESL. But we still would prefer to drive tomorrow.
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had no time to answer
dont know if we have enough players, but monday will be better:)
Sorry, too late, now we have to insist to play today.
We changed everything, because of your missing answer :(
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please upload the missing screenshot
milka uplaod it at the moment
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