Bullracing II vs. DraGonForce Fullspeed
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 Bullracing II
 DraGonForce Fullspeed
Status: closed
MatchID 27872896
Date Sunday, 03 March 20:00
Calculated Friday, 08 March 21:54
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6 : 0
Bullracing II wins !
Points +3 : 0
Friday, 08 March 21:14
242 kB, Friday, 08 March 21:14, by 4917182 (Bullracing)
Friday, 08 March 21:14
248 kB, Friday, 08 March 21:14, by 4917182 (Bullracing)
Friday, 08 March 21:11
476 kB, Friday, 08 March 21:11, by 4917182 (Bullracing)
Friday, 08 March 21:37
254 kB, Friday, 08 March 21:37, by 7522661 (DGF-FDO)
* No longer available

Bullracing II

comments (24)
Hello guys, could it be ok at 21.00 ? We can host the server.
Hi Niko, I will check. Maby it might work.
Hello Nikoo,
I am very sorry, but we will not be able to drive later. Usually it´s no problem, but in this case it wasn´t possible :(
so 20.00 in our server ?
link and pw given at 19.00
can you post them ?
have sent a pm to penaltykiller because I couldn't write it here
we are trying to connect currently, but the nadeo master servers are lagging...
all matches have the same problem, gg nadeo^^ esl gogo PPs for nadeo asap
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everyone with a bought account is unable to connect to tm
if you have a free account it should work

because of the nadeo server probs you are allowed to move the match for 6days (rule 2.1.1)
ok. we would like to move the match then.
friday evening it's ok ?
maybe, i'll check this. ;)
... cause we can't saturday evening :/
Hm too bad - also not Saturday at 6:00 PM?
If you are unable to find a suitable date you can drive your match on sunday. But watch out, DGF has another match on this day, so find a date which fits for both.
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Wait I'll ask for saturday 6.00 pm . But you can't friday evening ?
We have a war at 20.00 pm and I can't move it.
OK Nevermind. So Friday at 6.00 PM?
friday 6.00 pm would be a bit early (I'm still at school at 6.00 pm ^^), since 20.00 is ok.
hum ...you don't answer ?
Sorry, we first had to verify that time. Even if we will not have a good lineup, it should be possible to drive. So: Today at 8.00 PM. Bonne Chance! ;)
Ok thanks !
same server & password
Hey guys - we have no screenshot of the 5vs5 could you please add it? At least, we had a shot from the 3vs3 ;)
gg and gl
it's ok now
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