Low Racing vs. dac-SP
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 9.  10.

 Low Racing
Status: closed
MatchID 15492098
Date Wednesday, 30/09/09 14:30
Calculated 30/09/09 19:33
map ESL-Speed_Mappack_III09
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Result Media
1 : 5
dac-SP wins !
Points 0 : +3
30/09/09 15:53
72 kB, 30/09/09 15:53, by killervirus (dac-SP)
30/09/09 15:53
80 kB, 30/09/09 15:53, by killervirus (dac-SP)
30/09/09 15:53
89 kB, 30/09/09 15:53, by killervirus (dac-SP)
30/09/09 15:53
96 kB, 30/09/09 15:53, by killervirus (dac-SP)
* No longer available


30/09/09 13:29
LineUp dac-SP
1on1: ExpecT

2on2: Palme, Kimi

Sub: killervirus
Low Racing
29/09/09 15:37
1on1 Basti
2on2 Honki,Zacki
3on3 Honki,Basti,Snowy
4on4 Honki,Zacki,Groovy,Basti
comments (20)
Heey AG =)
hey dac-sp ^^
Hi AG,

can you pls look if you can drive on monday at 20:30 or on tuesday at 20:00, i think that we can not play on sunday we have there a CPS match but it is not sure yet, and the two dates can be possible matchdates but they "can" only.
hey dac <3
i'm sorry but it isn't possible to change the time, two of my players are away after sunday.
we can not drive on Sunday, we will open today in the evening a protest so that we can use a wildcard and than we must find an other date.
gogo dac
we can host the match but without a relay server.
gogo ag
gogogo ag
gl hf dac ;)
is it possibe to change the line up? i'm sorry but basti made a mistake at the 3on3. the 3on3 should be Zacki, Basti, Snowy.
sorry for the mistake :(
3on3 Zacki,Basti,Snowy
you must only enter 1on1 and 2on2 line up and a substitute on that map the 3on3 and 4on4 line up is free you can change the line up there every time bevor the map starts.
server details?


pwd: esl

Best Regards, Palme
gl hf both!
bad that we lost the 3on3 :(
otherwise would have been draw :(
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