Elf-TeaM+Elf-Green vs. Competo
Contestants Parameters
 46.  53.

Status: closed
MatchID 17288276
Date Tuesday, 04 May 20:00
Calculated Tuesday, 04 May 21:00
map Competition_MapPack_09II
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2 Minor Penalty  for  Competo
    ( 3.17 Wildcards )

Result Media
0 : 6
Competo wins !
Points 0 : +3
Tuesday, 04 May 21:00
108 kB, Tuesday, 04 May 21:00, by 4129517 (Competo)
Tuesday, 04 May 21:00
2on2 defwin*
230 kB, Tuesday, 04 May 21:00, by 4129517 (Competo)
Tuesday, 04 May 21:00
118 kB, Tuesday, 04 May 21:00, by 4129517 (Competo)
Tuesday, 04 May 21:00
139 kB, Tuesday, 04 May 21:00, by 4129517 (Competo)
* No longer available


04/05/10 13:29
1on1: Rough
2on2: Night, Lexx
sub: Sancho
04/05/10 13:20
Lineup TZ
1on1 = Twista

2on2 = Revux, Mickel

Sub: Morvien
comments (17)
hi Tz ;)
hey Elf :)
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hey elf,
due to some problems with getting enough players we would like to do the match at 18:30h CET.
do you think you can manage it?

best regards,
Oo even donno about this, many players will come home 18 cet :S
shouldn't it be okay then?
omg no everybody informed for 21 cet and i donno where i should find them after work oO they start coming in icq skype from 19 cet it's not all but 1 or 2 guys only will be redy for match, even i will come only at 19 cet to home no mb 10 min earlyer
20cet * 21 - it's Kiev time ))
then i think we have to use a wildcard...
we can host (with relay) serverdetails tomorrow

cya tomorrow guys. :)
ok np gl&hf
mmmh our servers are down and our admin isn`t there is it possible to drive at your server?
that would be great :)
sry for that..
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ok our server is on :P we can drive but there is no relay ^^
tell me login of server& enable relays in config i'll setup relay
TZserver4: login

i don't know if relays are enable let's check :P
Germany Hamburg

PW: firefox
np u 2 gg ;)
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