Elf-TeaM+Elf-Green vs. Advanced eSports Club
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 53.  32.

 Advanced eSports Club
Status: closed
MatchID 17288271
Date Sunday, 25 April 20:00
Calculated Sunday, 25 April 21:08
map Competition_MapPack_09II
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0 : 6
Advanced eSports Club wins !
Points 0 : +3
Sunday, 25 April 21:02
1x1 - DEF WIN!*
159 kB, Sunday, 25 April 21:02, by 2672940 (Advanced)
Sunday, 25 April 21:02
81 kB, Sunday, 25 April 21:02, by 2672940 (Advanced)
Sunday, 25 April 21:02
96 kB, Sunday, 25 April 21:02, by 2672940 (Advanced)
Sunday, 25 April 21:02
102 kB, Sunday, 25 April 21:02, by 2672940 (Advanced)
* No longer available
23/04/10 18:29
1on1: Magnum
2on2: HSV, Savak
sub: demon
Team exotic island - Line Up
1x1 - Chaos
2x2 - Reebok, wzL

Sub - Miracle
comments (12)

We have a server and relay, so we can host.

About default time, I think 20 CET it's great for us, but still missing two weeks, then we confirm the time. (:

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hey exotic
ye sure we should wait for two weeks too for more information from our players
guys can we start about half an hour earlyer mb even whole 1 hour earlyer? it's coz we have another match in another tournament.
Hey Guys.

I'am sorry, but I think it is not possible, some of our players just are ready at 20 CET.

The most I can do is try to start at 19:40 CET with the 1x1 and then 2x2, and at 20 CET (more or less) do the 3x3 and 5x5, and at 20:30 CET the war must already be completed.

What do you think?
well i think it would be ok. and i would be great if we start match just at 19:40 and 2 wu's before this time. so gather at out server at 19:30 cet :)

server info:
location: Ukraine
name: Elf-Team server
password: esl
link: play

relay info:
location: Ukraine
name: Elf-Team relay
link: go relay

relay will be later after match start or even not coz there is a problem with that host that relay placed but if u can make your relay login of server - myplace8

and more we have one player from our second squad entered in team of cps only 6 day ago on sunday it will be 8 days :) is it ok if he will play? o:
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Some of our players use network portable, and it is likely that they can have lag on foreign servers, if so, can we try to play on our server? Please.

About your new player, of course he can play. ;)
well U can check your ping on our server it's placed on 100mbit/s datacenter. have same 3g inet :D and it sometimes really sucks. well check our server than we'll start thinking about this subject :)

& thx for allowing him to play (=
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gl & hf guys :)

Relay name: exotic.relay
2on2 Rough, Savak
good game elf
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