Trackmania 24h-Race vs. Elf-TeaM+Elf-Green
Contestants Parameters
 4.  25.

 Trackmania 24h-Race
Status: closed
MatchID 17288250
Date Sunday, 21 March 20:00
Calculated Sunday, 21 March 21:33
map Competition_MapPack_09II
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5 : 1
Trackmania 24h-Race wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 21 March 21:38
146 kB, Sunday, 21 March 21:38, by Rough (elf)
Sunday, 21 March 21:34
408 kB, Sunday, 21 March 21:34, by 2005954 (24h.)
Sunday, 21 March 21:35
437 kB, Sunday, 21 March 21:35, by 2005954 (24h.)
Sunday, 21 March 21:35
431 kB, Sunday, 21 March 21:35, by 2005954 (24h.)
* No longer available


21/03/10 13:11
1vs1: Magnum
2vs2: Spirit, Michael

substitution player: Niko
Trackmania 24h-Race
21/03/10 13:17
Prematch Statement
2 Wins in 2 Matches. Thats the results for us and now we want the hattrick. ELF-Team is one of the oldest and got a win against dac-sp. I think the match will be really exciting. All in all we will do our best like we always do.

Good luck and have fun!
1on1: Dauli
2on2: Yono & Hanno
sub: Onio
comments (9)
hey competo
will be hard match ^^
we can host+relay
hey Elf
nice to see you again since last cps with dimension^^

we have to look for the servers
i know that we have a strong internet at our rootserver
dunno what server we should take^^
so lets play at our server
if any situation with connection from our server will happen we wouldnt mind to play at yours serv

server info:

location: b[Ukraine]b
name: b[Elf-Team server]b
pass: esl
relay: Elf-Team relay tmtp://#spectate=elf-team_relay link
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gogo :)
gg thx for match
server is always ok but if u have not strong connection u would laggy =)
np ;) gg :)
gg, but you should thing about changing the server, it was lagging like hell, and I don't mean that it was only a bit laggy! 2x I had damn screenfrozes about 1-2sec! :/

but all in all, gg & thx 4 match ;)
nice competo!
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