mythiX eSport vs. KomaCrew Trackmania
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 22.  50.

 mythiX eSport
 KomaCrew Trackmania
Status: closed
MatchID 17288145
Date Sunday, 02 May 20:00
Calculated Sunday, 02 May 21:35
map Competition_MapPack_09II
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6 : 0
mythiX eSport wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 02 May 20:40
91 kB, Sunday, 02 May 20:40, by Kimi (mX)
Sunday, 02 May 20:19
88 kB, Sunday, 02 May 20:19, by Kimi (mX)
Sunday, 02 May 20:19
89 kB, Sunday, 02 May 20:19, by 2326260 (kc.)
Sunday, 02 May 21:34
461 kB, Sunday, 02 May 21:34, by Kimi (mX)
Sunday, 02 May 21:19
102 kB, Sunday, 02 May 21:19, by Kimi (mX)
* No longer available
KomaCrew Trackmania
02/05/10 12:53
Line Up +Statement Raptor-Gaming
1v1 Sabre
2v2 Bits + Schnitzer
Sub HM

The big question today is: Will it be our last match at premierleague? At least we can say today that we will not be able to get any point today since nearly all our players are missing because of ESWC qualifications in poland, rl coz of the nice weather or no motivation to train. So it is up to Tribal to overtake us. They will have two hard matches against TOX and n!faculty and we are only in the position to spectate the happenings. We are in hope that the things for Tribal continue as in the last matches to make Raptor-Gaming staying in the highest class of trackmania. Raptors at second league? There are obviously doubts for the future...hf 402.
mythiX eSport
02/05/10 13:19
Prematch Statement 402
aaaa the last match ! we meet raptor this time to get our place in playoff and i hope we'll not repeat the match of the previous season where we got a draw and couldn't reach the po. We have some problems in our lu but luckily, it's the same for raptor so i think all it's clear for us to win today. Anyway hf for this last playday !

1/1 hayabusa
2/2 kingod & kimi

sub : kluhtu
comments (7)
gogo play hm :)
i guess default date/time is ok for us, what about u?
we can host if u can't,
gl hf
we could but then i got work, so you can host xD
gg ^^
gg, funny match, time wasted.
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