KomaCrew Trackmania vs. Team GAMED.DE
Contestants Parameters
 57.  36.

 KomaCrew Trackmania
Status: closed
MatchID 17288141
Date Thursday, 29 April 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 29 April 21:52
map Competition_MapPack_09II
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1 : 5
Team GAMED.DE wins !
Points 0 : +3
Thursday, 29 April 21:29
uploaded with ESL Wire 1v1.jpg*
124 kB, Thursday, 29 April 21:29, by HM (kc.)
Thursday, 29 April 21:29
uploaded with ESL Wire 2v2.jpg*
127 kB, Thursday, 29 April 21:29, by HM (kc.)
Thursday, 29 April 21:29
uploaded with ESL Wire 3v3.jpg*
143 kB, Thursday, 29 April 21:29, by HM (kc.)
Thursday, 29 April 21:29
uploaded with ESL Wire 5v5.jpg*
145 kB, Thursday, 29 April 21:29, by HM (kc.)
* No longer available
KomaCrew Trackmania
29/04/10 13:22
Line Up + Statement Raptor-Gaming
1v1 Sabre
2v2 Benni + Nugget
Sub: Schnitzer


The season is nearly over and today we will play against a strong Atteam. We are at the bottom of the table together with Ubiteam. A win today would basically mean to be save in relegations since Ubi got the harder opponents in the last matches. Additionally they have one penalty point in total which would mean a point reduction in the end which is a big advantage for us. So we will try our best to win this match this evening. Good Luck and Have Fun :)
29/04/10 13:28
1on1: blackphoenix
2on2: bumsebiene & straucherl

sub: iceman

gl hf RAPTOR and GOGO @Team
comments (23)
yo schnitzgay :>
maybe we will take our last wildcard! hahahahahhahahhahahaahhxD
omg schnitzer, not funny .... :D
you comment can not taken serious when you write not funny and put an ":D" behind. sorry
schnitzer cant be taken serious
be quiet fakeaccout :/
nice one.
no comment

fairplay is gone ...
we just make use of our rights :)
wtf raptor? just kidding? it's a shame that so many teams used a wildcard against @team.
+1 Black, esl must change SOMETHING,thats just aint fair!
No, we will not use the wildcard anymore. And to make things clear, it was only about one submatch.
oh sorry basti for the motivation getting lower after all those matches. its nothing new that teams have problems at the end of the season. maybe you have to use one too?! who knows...
who knows...
schnitz is right we will use one...
against @ ofc XD
gogogooo gl hf
no wildcard allowed at last playday :D
DD said the same last season but we used one and he accepted it. So try it at least SL :D
gg wp
gg HAHA :D
gg... I fucked up the match... can't believe that we lost because of this.. what to do.. Now the team is probably no more and not much of friendship left there... impossible to sleep anymore... I think I'm gonna suicide -_-' gl
wtf just shut up :S
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