KomaCrew Trackmania vs. SL-Communis
Contestants Parameters
 57.  43.

 KomaCrew Trackmania
Status: closed
MatchID 17288136
Date Sunday, 25 April 20:00
Calculated Sunday, 25 April 21:19
map Competition_MapPack_09II
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0 : 6
SL-Communis wins !
Points 0 : +3
Sunday, 25 April 20:35
uploaded with ESL Wire 1n1.jpg*
152 kB, Sunday, 25 April 20:35, by 1827158 (SL)
Sunday, 25 April 20:16
uploaded with ESL Wire 2n2.jpg*
160 kB, Sunday, 25 April 20:16, by 1827158 (SL)
Sunday, 25 April 20:55
uploaded with ESL Wire 3n3.jpg*
178 kB, Sunday, 25 April 20:55, by 1827158 (SL)
Sunday, 25 April 21:17
uploaded with ESL Wire 5n5.jpg*
202 kB, Sunday, 25 April 21:17, by 1827158 (SL)
* No longer available
KomaCrew Trackmania
24/04/10 20:40
Lineup + Statement Raptor-Gaming
1v1 TBA
2v2 TBA


There are only three playdays left and we are on the bottom of the table. Usually SL would be an opponent which is beatable for us but because of different reasons there is no real motivation for training and the ones who are willed to have better things to do. Today we will probably see another weak performance by us and we will just waste your time i guess, sorry. I hope some of us will use the match as training for the match against @ which will be very deciding about our future, and i am not only talking about the future at the esl premiership. I still would like to wish you Have Fun for our match.
25/04/10 13:27
Prematch Statement
we arrived at match 7 this season.It is a very important match for both teams i think.The winner keep the chance to play next season in the Prmier League! We try to give our best against a very good Raptor Team.
Have fun all!


1on1 : M1st
2on2 : Sky/Razor
3on3 : tba
5on5 : tba

Sub : Smiie

relay : tmtp://#spectate=relay1sl ( SL Relay )
1n1 benni
2n2 slayer bits
sub sabre
comments (26)
nich wieder der typ :D
yo raptors :D
yoo raptoren!

maybe draw?

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rdy for the draw?
go for 0-8-1 SL ...haha !!! :D
0-7-2 reicht doch, oder?
englisch pls,

hi raptor
ruhe mist!. hallo.
pps for schnitzer pls.. i dont understand what hes saying :(
then pps for mist too thx
schnitzer is only spamming...
go SL :)
oh, already this week :D
i am not sure whether we will be able to play at this date tbh <3
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comon HM, default time, we host+relay,please agree!
well, i didnt talk to anyone this week so i dont have any clue whats going on...talk to schnitzer xD
I`ll post server deatails about 15 mins before match starts!
GoGoGo SL ;)
Location : Kuwait
Server : War Server Team SL
join pw : eslmatch7

only submatch drivers and teamcaptain on the server plz, rest relay : tmtp://#spectate=relay1sl

gg raptor nice 5on5
i will be more often in TS during a match now :)
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gg ;)
nice SL!
haha terra :D next tiem again!
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