KomaCrew Trackmania vs. BX3.TP-Link
Contestants Parameters
 50.  22.

 KomaCrew Trackmania
Status: closed
MatchID 17288121
Date Thursday, 15 April 20:00
Calculated Thursday, 15 April 21:34
map Competition_MapPack_09II
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0 : 6
BX3.TP-Link wins !
Points 0 : +3
Thursday, 15 April 20:27
183 kB, Thursday, 15 April 20:27, by 3604536 (BX3)
Thursday, 15 April 20:59
204 kB, Thursday, 15 April 20:59, by 3604536 (BX3)
Thursday, 15 April 21:11
228 kB, Thursday, 15 April 21:11, by 3604536 (BX3)
Thursday, 15 April 21:30
224 kB, Thursday, 15 April 21:30, by 3604536 (BX3)
* No longer available


15/04/10 13:22
Pre-match Statement KD-Gaming
Here we go it's match 6 for us (because this match got wildcarded^^). After a great match versus n!faculty we now battle against Raptor-Gaming. They have a decent lineup, and even although they are low on the rankings i predict a nice match. GL HF! =)


1on1: Jég
2on2: Hacktiv & TmDude
Sub: KrollE
Prematch Statement RAPTOR-Gaming
Finally its time for us to play our (until now) only wildcarded match against KD-Gaming. Since KD.Gaming consists of KC.Gaming it will be a special match for us due to we drove under the KC.Gaming too.
1n1 : benni
2n2 sabre , nugget
comments (18)
we don't know yet whether we can play at this date, its eastern, so maybe family time for some of us xD
Hi Raptor, ok open a protest on time to talk about the date & time :)
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Do you guys allow Remix to play?
yoooo reptils XD
Yes xD but i did not know there is a barrage tbh :)
Ye but i spoke with DD, if you guys allow him he can play :) thanks!
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So our server @ 20.00cet?
ye sure :) i hope all my mates will show up :/ me and hm had some communication probs and i dont know if every1 knows 20.00 or 20.30
i guess it will be ok
Server will be up 5 mins before the match:

Server details:

KD.PNY|Team training

Play pw = rnd4play
Spec pw = rnd4spec

Plz dont take speccers with you they will be kicked, for lag issues =)
working hard to install this driver, sorry for the delay :S
gg , sorry for the circumstances
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