KomaCrew Trackmania vs. Virtual-Effect.Adv
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 KomaCrew Trackmania
Status: closed
MatchID 15269116
Date Sunday, 18 October 20:00
Calculated Monday, 19 October 00:04
map Competition_MapPack_09II
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1 Minor Penalty  for  Virtual-Effect.Adv
    ( 5.3.1 Lineups )

Result Media
4 : 2
KomaCrew Trackmania wins !
Points +3 : 0
Sunday, 18 October 20:53
uploaded with ESL Wire 1vs1.jpg*
110 kB, Sunday, 18 October 20:53, by HM (kc.)
Sunday, 18 October 21:34
uploaded with ESL Wire 2vs2.jpg*
133 kB, Sunday, 18 October 21:34, by HM (kc.)
Sunday, 18 October 20:53
uploaded with ESL Wire 3vs3.jpg*
132 kB, Sunday, 18 October 20:53, by HM (kc.)
Sunday, 18 October 21:13
uploaded with ESL Wire 4vs4.jpg*
146 kB, Sunday, 18 October 21:13, by HM (kc.)
* No longer available

KomaCrew Trackmania

KomaCrew Trackmania
18/10/09 13:25
LU and Statement Raptor-Gaming

1on1: Lässig
2on2: Piggy + Shura

Replacement: Benni

3on3: Piggy + Lässig + Benni
4on4: TBA

Here we go - the most important match in this season has to be played. It is already clear who joins the playoffs and who goes directly down to the second league but this match will decide who stays direclty in the premierleague for next season. For us a draw would be enough but since you need to win in every case we will be prepared to take the victory. We expect a tough fight and probably one of the best matches in this season. Good luck and Have fun!

18/10/09 13:31
Paranoids Lineup
1on1 Flyer
2on2 Poca Akira
Sub Marcius
comments (23)
hi raptor
lol hi :P
hello, how are u guys? XD
hey guys :)

it seems like this this match is not that unimportant for us now <3
lol HM, it really seems like it ^^
GL and HF
Yep...the most important match for us this season!!!

Let's do it pn!!!!

gl hf
anyone of you wants to play the 1vs1 against me? <3
play against sonic hm XD should be a very close match XD
oh rly? :)
yeah yeah.. sonic is a very skilled guy XD
We can host, i already talked to anp about relay.
ok hm
give me details pls

gl all
pn! Line up:

1x1: Flyer
2x2: akira + Poca
subst: Jorge
gg raptors :)
gg pn :) i hope to see you again next season! <3
gg raptors :)

Btw i am not sure, if a draw would have been enough. You ve got three penalty points...so with a draw you would have same points as qrg. If submatch points are next step for decision, you would have to play playdowns.

but now it doesn`t matter :D
Pete maths skills :O

o-Q got 7 points - but all match played
we had 7 points - pn match missing

draw means 8 points. 8-0.99=7,01 -> 0,01 point more than o-Q in this case. but as u already said it does not matter anymore:P
with a draw we would have had -0.99 points not -1 as HM already said but even at same score we would have taken 6th place

3.15 Ranking
If at the end of ESL Trackmania Premierships season two participants have the same amount of points in the rankings, the score of the direct encounter will be used to determine the ranking. If the direct encounter was a tie the aggregate submatch score is the deciding factor.
gg raptor!
i thought 3 minor penalties would have make -1 point. But you are right. I read this in rules, but in my opinion it isn`t logical. But it doesn`t matter^^.
gg paranoids! :)
gêgÊ raptors
nice 2on2 :D
i asked DD before writing this pete :D
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