Abilita.DOK vs. Imperial Residents
Contestants Parameters
 32.  46.

 Imperial Residents
Status: closed
MatchID 12705971
Date Monday, 25 May 19:00
Calculated Monday, 25 May 20:58
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8 : 0
Abilita.DOK wins !
Points +3 : 0
Monday, 25 May 21:29
173 kB, Monday, 25 May 21:29, by 3747622 (IRj:)
Monday, 25 May 21:29
2on2 1st*
201 kB, Monday, 25 May 21:29, by 3747622 (IRj:)
Monday, 25 May 21:30
2on2 2nd*
196 kB, Monday, 25 May 21:30, by 3747622 (IRj:)
Monday, 25 May 21:31
196 kB, Monday, 25 May 21:31, by 3747622 (IRj:)
Monday, 25 May 21:32
5on5 (played 4on4)*
211 kB, Monday, 25 May 21:32, by 3747622 (IRj:)
* No longer available


Imperial Residents

25/05/09 12:24
1on1 Aurora = Enjoy
3on3 Aurora = Moldo, Phille, Xephyr
2on2 Tama = Willo & Phille
2on2 Tama = Xephyr & Moldo
4on4 Pray = Moldo, Willo, Xephyr, Enjoy
Imperial Residents
25/05/09 12:36
Line up
1on1 Keeper
3on3 Pete Forge Aizao
1 2on2 Forge Xlobuz
2 2on2 Pete Aizao

some trabls thith esl server (
comments (22)
I dont know about the time difference but at what time do you usually play? is 20:00CET okay?

About the day, I'm not sure if we can play sunday, I'll let you know as soon as possible
19:00 CET would be better for us.
Sunday is better for us, but it is possible and on Monday
Okay thanks that's good to know, I'll get back to you :)
Hi, unfortunately for us it's hard (impossible) to play the 5on5 on sunday or monday. Can you play the match on tuesday ? that would be great. Otherwise even wednesday would be possible I guess..
Hmm, we could play 1on1 and 3on3 on monday if that's okay with you

The 2on2s and 5on5 would be best at tuesday I think

Please respond :)
monday and tuesday is very bad for us.

and we want to play on default day and time)
What about "it is possible and on Monday" :o

Sunday is impossible for us. Even on monday we wouldn't be able to get 5.

If you really can't play tuesday I suggest we play on monday with a 4v4 in stead of a 5v5..
Ok we can play at monday.
Do you agree on 4on4 then? We can only get 5 players at tuesday
can you play 2v2 today? at least one of them please ^^
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we play at monday 4on4.
can you host?
sure, dok.Training in Belgium, pw = dokcup
thanks for the fairplay, gg :)

ps to the admins IRj agreed to the changes we had to do in our LineUp :)
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gg DOK, nice game. thanks to DOK 4 play & good luck in future! :)
IRj accepted to let Nemesis play instead of Xephyr @ 3on3 and EnjOy instead of Xephyr @ 2on2

THX for the match IRj, nice team......aurora was very close ;)

GL in future
And on the 2nd 2on2 the final result is 3-5, DOK won the map.
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Hmm sorry for the chaotic match (im guessing thats what we got the - for ;p)

Thx for the match anyway, was a gg
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