BX3.TP-Link vs. Imperial Residents
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 11.  53.

 Imperial Residents
Status: closed
MatchID 12705960
Date Monday, 11 May 19:30
Calculated Monday, 11 May 21:19
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8 : 0
BX3.TP-Link wins !
Points +3 : 0
Monday, 11 May 21:10
143 kB, Monday, 11 May 21:10, by 3604536 (BX3)
Monday, 11 May 21:12
2on2 #1*
146 kB, Monday, 11 May 21:12, by 3604536 (BX3)
Monday, 11 May 21:12
2on2 #2*
158 kB, Monday, 11 May 21:12, by 3604536 (BX3)
Monday, 11 May 21:12
158 kB, Monday, 11 May 21:12, by 3604536 (BX3)
Monday, 11 May 21:13
169 kB, Monday, 11 May 21:13, by 3604536 (BX3)
* No longer available


Imperial Residents

Imperial Residents
11/05/09 12:57

1 on 1
3 on 3

1 2 vs 2
2 2 vs 2
11/05/09 13:06
eMpathy lineup
Dice 1on1: Henkie
Lounge 2on2 #1: Hacktiv & Resi
Lounge 2on2 #2: Rookie & Zep
Dice 3on3: Zep, Hacktiv, Rookie
Espaguetifizacion 5on5: Rookie, Hacktiv, Resi, Spam, Crysis
comments (26)
Hi there :D
I will talk with my teammates about a decent playdate / time. You will hear our proposal soon enough :)

We can also host a server if you want.
Hi. Can you play at 19:00 on monday 11/05/09?

we can host too.
i'm think we can play at 2 server :)
for me its a bit hard...
2 server or monday 11/05/09?
Is it ok that our new player Abla plays?
Can we play sunday 10th 20.30cet instead of monday?

We can use our server?
1 edits
monday 19:00 is too early for me i guess.
how about monday 20:00?
i dont think i can play.. default date should be fine..

however, do you allow me play?
I am not @ home that early Abla i think.
So i hope we can still play sunday 20.30cet?

Is that any problem IRj? Monday is hard for us..
Btw are Abla, Zep & Resi allowed to play? We need to know... for making the lineup.
20.30 it's so late for us. mocsow +2CET ekaterinburg +4CET...
in our country 9-10 may is "day of win" and our team will be drink at the forest or at the Parade of military vehicles or in other place :)

we can play before 20 cet and after 10 may.

Abla, Zep & Res can play.
Hi guys, thx for fairplay ^^
xlobuz i really cant on monday.. i wont be there.. i can only on sunday :(
What time can we play monday then? Sry Abla, but i cant plan it on another date... :(

Btw do you allow Dest as well? (new player)
we can play at 18-20 сet.

all your new players can play)
ok 20:00 cet?
hey guys can we play the 1on1 on sunday pls?
19 or 19.30 will be better for us.
Abla, sorry, we can't.
Ok Monday 19.30cet it is :)

Server details will come before the match.
1 edits
Ok server details:

eMpathy.vs IRj (NED)
Play pw= rnd6play
Spec pw= rnd6spec

The server will be up 30 mins before the match.
gg guys, gl in future matches!
gg empathy ^^
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