Fanatics! Warriors vs. MaDrivers Team
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 38.  8.

 Fanatics! Warriors
 MaDrivers Team
Status: closed
MatchID 28364414
Date Sunday, 02/06/13 14:00
Calculated 02/06/13 15:56
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4 : 2
Fanatics! Warriors wins !
Points +3 : 0
02/06/13 14:19
241 kB, 02/06/13 14:19, by JasspeR (ギanatics!)
02/06/13 14:34
283 kB, 02/06/13 14:34, by JasspeR (ギanatics!)
02/06/13 14:55
277 kB, 02/06/13 14:55, by JasspeR (ギanatics!)
02/06/13 15:20
307 kB, 02/06/13 15:20, by JasspeR (ギanatics!)
* No longer available

Fanatics! Warriors

comments (10)
hi FOW!!

Default time its ok?
We can host server fast + relay if you want.
Hello fanatics ;)

i think default is ok ;)
and we can host server with relay aswell, so it doesn't matter ^^

gl & hf :D and dont train too much xd
We want to stream all our matches in second league, for that reason would be an honor if we can host our match :D
We haven´t lag in our server and there are 2 relays too.

We try to don´t train too much but you promise me that you aren´t training either :P
Hello everyone!

I'm from Trackmania Versus (, a Facebook page that posts relays and stream info to matches in Trackmania, for the benefit of the community. I'm writing to urge leaders, streamers and players alike to post in these match threads with relays and/or stream info ahead of time and not together with server info.

For your match to be shown in our posts, that is normally posted around 15 minutes before default time, you must post info at least half an hour before default time, preferably an hour, otherwise we don't have enough time to check all matches. Matches that haven't got information before the deadline is removed.

Thank you!

yoggi - Trackmania Versus
- Server Details:

Server: Fanatics! ESL on Spain
Password: warf (5 min before)
Join Link: tmtp://#join=fadictos1

- Relay Details
2 Fanatics! Relay on Spain

- Stream:

gl hf!!
gogo for a nice match ;)

gl & hf ^^
GG Fow
Thx for war
gg wp
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