dac-SP-2- vs. MaDrivers Team
Contestants Parameters
 20.  8.

 MaDrivers Team
Status: closed
MatchID 28364412
Date Sunday, 26/05/13 14:00
Calculated 26/05/13 16:02
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Result Media
2 : 4
MaDrivers Team wins !
Points 0 : +3
26/05/13 15:22
142 kB, 26/05/13 15:22, by killervirus (dac-SP)
26/05/13 15:22
157 kB, 26/05/13 15:22, by killervirus (dac-SP)
26/05/13 15:22
164 kB, 26/05/13 15:22, by killervirus (dac-SP)
26/05/13 15:22
157 kB, 26/05/13 15:22, by killervirus (dac-SP)
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comments (12)
buonjourno muchachos ^^
Hi wazzup ! :D
siemanoooooooooo :P
yooooo Mikus :D
3v3 polish vs polish? :P

and congratz for draw with 711. That Vini.. :D
1 edits
hello dac :D

is default ok ??
we can host with relay ;)

a wy polscy koledzy chyba nie bedziecie przeszkadzac w meczu swoim rodakom ? :P
yo fow,
yea def time and date seems ok for us if there will be any problems ill let u now as fast as possible :)
BTW, we can host but not sure about relay.
Hey guys!
I would like to make every team and player in the Tech scene aware of the new project on http://www.stadium-wiki.com

The idea behind the wiki is to document everything that happened and will happen in Stadium. I encourage everyone to create their team or player page simply by registering to the wiki and start editing the pages. Look on other teams/players and read the Help page to learn more.

If you need help creating your team or player page, please contact me on skype; skarsteinduden or any of the other wiki admins :)

Good luck in your match!
better if we have some relay, so lets play on our server ^^

Server details:
Name: Fow.Server
Location: Poland >> Swietokrzyskie
URL: tmtp://#addfavourite=fow-serwer
Password: esl

Name: Fow.Relay
Location: Poland >> dolnoslaskie
URL: tmtp://#addfavourite=taxi_relay4
OMG gg guys..
szkoda ze nas zabrakło.. siła wyższa..
gg ^^
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