FOW2 (Fuck off woki) vs. MaDrivers Team
Contestants Parameters
 26.  38.

 FOW2 (Fuck off woki)
 MaDrivers Team
Status: deleted
MatchID 28364407
Date Sunday, 19/05/13 14:00
Calculated 19/05/13 19:13
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0 : 6
MaDrivers Team wins !
Points 0 : +3
19/05/13 17:07
Round 1 UNIQUE 7-2*
293 kB, 19/05/13 17:07, by 7677464 (fow2)
19/05/13 17:07
Round 3 FOW 8-6*
278 kB, 19/05/13 17:07, by 7677464 (fow2)
19/05/13 17:07
Round 4 UNIQUE 7-3*
311 kB, 19/05/13 17:07, by 7677464 (fow2)
19/05/13 17:07
Rounds 2 UNIQUE 5-0*
280 kB, 19/05/13 17:07, by 7677464 (fow2)
* No longer available

FOW2 (Fuck off woki)

comments (26)
hey sweet piana:D
Hey Fow!
frogs of war is from Fogs of war documentary? o.o love that one!
are you maybe available to play on monday? let's have a nice match fow!
Do you like fish sticks?
Hello unique ;)

Why aren't you in 1st div :P never watched that documentary woldemort :P

I'll ask my teammates about monday and let you know asap :]

we can host with relay ^^
haha, i could say the same thing about u :o
ok good thx :)
Hey guys, gl hf :)
We can't play on monday, sry :(
np, sunday 21.00 CET is that ok for you?
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too late :P what about 20.30 ??

Server details:
Name: Fow.Server
Location: Poland >> Swietokrzyskie
URL: tmtp://#addfavourite=fow-serwer
Password: esl

Name: Fow.Relay
Location: Poland >> dolnoslaskie
URL: tmtp://#addfavourite=taxi_relay4
ok cu 20.30 on your server ;)
ok ^^

And can we start with 5v5 ??

gl & hf ;)
we prefer to go first 1on1 then 2on2.. after that, we can see if 5on5 players are ready :) if not, we need to go with the normal order.. :/
ehhh.. ok

we're rdy ;) you can join server ^^
gg fow! gl next matches
gg ;)

wold, change your login on esl, cause you play with wrong one in game :P hope you don't cheat :P
ye, its wrong game account, its some bug on esl i think, i added my acc and admin is checking it..

We have been quite nice to you, letting you play with a new player, when one of fow ragequit, + we was nice to do 5on5 before 3on3... stay fair and enjoy the game :)

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He didnt mean to accuse you. U won in a fair match. Congratz for that and GL in your next matches ;) We could win that 2n2 :D but we failed even more than you did ^^
gg and thanks for 3v3 ;]
gg XD
ESl admins.. everygbody knows wold didn't give his account to some pro player.. though he's already enough good player to outplay our team in the match... I know there were troubles with his acoount login but as he spoke with me, there were some trobules with changing his tm login at esl site.. I don't feel ok with changing the match result in our favor. They were just better.. and they were forgiving to us when we caused troubles at one map, that we actually won later on..
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xD GG ADmin!!!!!!!
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loool xd what happened here :O
Woki decided to give you a win for my mistake with ESL login ^^

By the way piana, thanks for writing this=) i guess first time in TM of what i've seen, fow is the team with most fairplay! No matter if we lost this match due to my mistake, you have a great fairplay team with good members =)
I don't know if its possible to convince the admin(s) to get win for unique, but anyway we look forward to have fun in the ESL tournament, and hopefully see you fow in playoffs :D

yeah i agree with woldemort :)
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