Druidz.TM vs. dac-SP
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Status: closed
MatchID 26435878
Date Sunday, 08 July 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 08 July 19:23
Round Semifinals
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0 : 6
dac-SP wins !
Sunday, 08 July 23:52
256 kB, Sunday, 08 July 23:52, by icey (dac-SP)
Sunday, 08 July 23:52
277 kB, Sunday, 08 July 23:52, by icey (dac-SP)
Sunday, 08 July 23:52
242 kB, Sunday, 08 July 23:52, by icey (dac-SP)
Monday, 09 July 00:15
280 kB, Monday, 09 July 00:15, by icey (dac-SP)
* No longer available
comments (13)
Hey guys!

The match date for Sunday, 8th July, 18.00 CEST this time means that you are NOT allowed to play the match AFTER this date.

But you are allowed to move the match to any time BEFORE that date.

( The big final is fixed for Sunday, 8th July, 19.30 CEST )

Incase you agree on a new date it would be good if you let me know about it (opening Protest for example), because i would like to announce that.

Maps are:
1n1/2n2: KenO
3n3: Parrots
5n5: Anaru
Decider: KenO

Thanks and gl hf !
Okay, thanks joey! :)

Hey Dac! We're able to play 18.00Cet and we can host server + relay :)
Are you serious? Do you really want to play two matches in a row incase you reach the grand final?
I think it would be the best to move the match to an earlier date... but I have nothing to say here :P
so we are playing half- and final on the same day? is the Mappool the same for both matches??:

1n1/2n2: KenO
3n3: Parrots
5n5: Anaru
Decider: KenO

would be great to know. Gl hf Druidz
no kimi in the final is an other order.
Parrots are cool 1on1 and decider
Anaru 3on3
Keno 5on5
we're able to play at 18 CET too,we also can host + relay
Well maybe we should play at Thursday or something instead? I'll talk to my teammates about it.
we still prefer sunday 08.07.2012 thursday is impossible for us.
Oh okay, well guess Sunday default time will be best then. Well as I said we can host server with fast and relay.
So let´s drive next Sunday. See you on your server!
Location: Sweden

Password: eslpro

Location: Sweden


English stream: http://sv.twitch.tv/teamdruidz

Cya 18.00Cet!
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