Against All Authority vs. Seven Eleven
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 Against All Authority
 Seven Eleven
Status: closed
MatchID 26435877
Date Sunday, 08 July 18:00
Calculated Sunday, 08 July 19:20
Round Semifinals
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4 : 0
Against All Authority wins !
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Hey guys!

The match date for Sunday, 8th July, 18.00 CEST this time means that you are NOT allowed to play the match AFTER this date.

But you are allowed to move the match to any time BEFORE that date.

( The big final is fixed for Sunday, 8th July, 19.30 CEST )

Incase you agree on a new date it would be good if you let me know about it (opening Protest for example), because i would like to announce that.

Maps are:
1n1/2n2: KenO
3n3: Parrots
5n5: Anaru
Decider: KenO

Thanks and gl hf !
Hello again :D
Hey guys ;D
hi , have fun ! ;)
Your server as last time?
No problem for this :)
Hi guys, here is server informations :

Name : 1puRe.Match!
link : tmtp://#join=sph1
password : anal69

relay : tmtp://#spectate=sphrelay2

Gl HF ! :)
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gg 1pure :) gl in final
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