Team WASN vs. Insects
Contestants Parameters
 48.  56.

 Team WASN
Status: closed
MatchID 26078058
Date Sunday, 17 June 18:00
Calculated Tuesday, 19 June 01:42
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1Major Penalty  for  Insects
    ( 2.2.2 No Show )

Result Media
6 : 0
Team WASN wins ! (Default Win)
Points +3 : 0


comments (7)
hi guys ;)

default time, our server?
Hey ;)

can we play at 19.30 or 20pm?
hm sorry i'm not sure that all players will be on server at 20 pm... maybe i'll tell later u in chat about this? (cause this time good for a 4 our players but not really good for the fifth...)
no problem!!! thanks for the server
omg i am just drew my attention to fact default time now 19.00 :O
so ok, we play 20 CEST? :DDD
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no sory, we can play only at default time (18.00pm)
defwin for team wasn :(
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