nations Xtreme team vs. nSpire
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 39.  9.

 nations Xtreme team
Status: closed
MatchID 24410727
Date Sunday, 18/12/11 13:30
Calculated 18/12/11 19:24
map TBA
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1Major Penalty  for  nations Xtreme team
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0 : 6
nSpire wins ! (Default Win)
Points 0 : +3


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hello hello
Hey guys
Go default time?
Will you have enough players for this match? since you didn't have it for your last match... could be good to know whether we should train the maps or not =)
i'll try to get everyone together and get you the info asap..
try faster =)
Can you give us an answer tomorrow?
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seems we got only 4 players, but we gonna play it out
Great, is it okey if we play at our server?
yeah, np =)
server located in sweden, name nspire'''train
Pw is porsche
not sure about the relay, but might be one located in sweden when the match starts...
Location: Sweden- nSpire Esl server

Server login: hot_rod6



PW: porsche
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