MaDrivers Team vs. CZManiaci
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 9.  15.

 MaDrivers Team
Status: closed
MatchID 24410724
Date Sunday, 18/12/11 13:30
Calculated 18/12/11 15:44
map TBA
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4 : 2
MaDrivers Team wins !
Points +3 : 0
18/12/11 15:09
Round 1*
19 kB, 18/12/11 15:09, by ANUBIS (MD)
18/12/11 15:09
Round 2*
26 kB, 18/12/11 15:09, by ANUBIS (MD)
18/12/11 15:10
Round 3*
27 kB, 18/12/11 15:10, by ANUBIS (MD)
18/12/11 15:10
Round 4*
34 kB, 18/12/11 15:10, by ANUBIS (MD)
* No longer available


comments (17)
Hello ;)
Hi guys, can you host? If you can, just write info about the server - I mean location and login. Password will be needed like 30 minutes before the start.
Server details:
Name: MD*Server
Location: Poland >> Swietokrzyskie
URL: tmtp://#addfavourite=md_team
Password: esl

maybe bart vs bart on 1v1 ? xd
That would be funny xD, but its not gonna happen, sorry :)
Why not ?? :P it would be very funny, wich bart is better :D
I'm sorry, we already know it without comparing :)
pw is not esl?!
password esl no !!!
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try again, for us it works
gg, gl in relegations.
thx for fab match, last map was so exciting ;)
Ye, every team in 5th division would beat us both there.
yep :D beautiful noobfight :D
We can save yourself such comments? We were the better team and you can not deal with it ... thanks for an exciting match and good luck in the next edition

Sorry misunderstood your statement - my English is very weak
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I see Baron :)
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