Trackmania Version Update obligatory - 2.11.19
Already a year ago a new Trackmania Patch got released by Florent, Nadeo's CEO. It contains a lot nice fixes concerning the spectator mode and cam fixes. You can find the full changelog and the download links in this news.

Most of you know the annoying spectator camera bug. This bug and some other interesting things now got fixed. Therefore we decided to make the newest Trackmania Version obligatory for all players in the ESL.


  • improved checkpoint time deltas
  • closing of application in laps mode
  • hide to close modified in cam 3
  • force opponent visible keep hide to close and set number
  • very high shadow problems on some graphic boards
  • reflections in desert water in more configurations
  • 259 to 260 medals crash removed
  • fixed map browsing of personal campaign
  • stereoscopic additional modes
  • spectator cam fixes
  • maniacode play_track on same track working
  • update custom challenge score at download
  • various small interface glitches
  • many crash fixes
  • Fixed spectator mode keyboard shortcuts (in follow mode, use 1-3 to switch camera, and Ctrl+0-9 to switch players)
  • validation in laps mode (to have a fully debbuged laps mode, you need to have both the game and the server updated to the latest version)
  • manialink browser small fixes (proxy settings now used for all http requests, the videos and sounds are displayed sooner, ...)
  • translations files updated to the latest version

  • Download Nations 2.11.19
    Download United 2.11.19

    DeathDriver, Wednesday, 12/08/09 18:51
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    2.11.19 or 2.11.16???

    after install update, my game past 2.11.11 to 2.11.16
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    My pc says don't found trackmania :(
    The links are to the wrong setup, that is not 2.11.19 :P

    2.11.19 date is 11.26 and the date on those links are 07.30 :/

    Here's a link;
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    right rzr, I am sorry. Updated the news now.
    aaaaaahhhhhhhhh lol
    the united forever I can not find in the pc and if the nations forever, why?
    I receive following information: TMUnitedForeve has been founded on your computer, and then nothing happens. Its kinda strange.
    All ok for me with nations forever. I updated from .16.
    I know the file unitedforever, it only makes the nations forever.
    hmm.. it says that it cant find trackmania nations forever on my pc..^^
    This patch made it impossible to spectate in "follow" mode?
    Hacke do you have version 2.11.11 or 2.11.16? I think only with 2.11.16 it works
    hm i had version .11 and i was able to upgrade it to .19
    worked for me too :D
    here too.. from .11 to .19
    omfg with this new patch my game is very slower when i write something on the chat or when I press esc and things like that :S -.-
    my teammate has the same trouble as jorge ><
    and I can't change camera pressing 1-3 in spec mode..
    my tm always says that im not connected to internet :S
    nice patch^^
    So a 'beta' patch, which is the same as have been available since last summer, now are called official fix....lool...and now record systems, ESL etc. etc. demands we use that fix, which for about 50% of players are not installable..and it doesn't necessarily fix the 'glitches' it's supposed to....
    Even make some more...and no information about it from Nadeo themselves, buried in a subforum somewhere in tm-forum.....
    Aaaand it's not available for Steam-users...
    You are not serious it's obligatory to have this patch, are you ESL???
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