Trackmania goes ESL Major Series III
You, the community, and we, the admin team, worked hard to design an active and interesting section on this platform. Finally Trackmania Nations Forever reaches a new dimension of eSport in ESL with announcing the Major Series this year. Prize money: 750€!

The ESL Major Series is one of the most important leagues in the European ESL. Here you can play in professional conditions and win cool prizes and even prize money. In the next month the third season will start with Trackmania Nations Forever!

To be honest, the season already started, but we didn't lost that much time. Now the first few details about the Major Series in Trackmania Nations Forever:

Modus: 1on1
Gametype: Rounds

There will be national qualifiers for most European countries and a European qualifier for everyone else. After that the Qualification Rounds start. The winner of these Qualification Rounds are able to join the Groupstage which results into Relegations and the Playoffs.
The Groupstage will be played in 1on1,
the Playoffs in 1v1v1v1 mode.

More details will be announced very soon!

Prize Money

1st Place: 450 €
2nd Place: 200 €
3rd Place: 100 €
Overall: 750 €

   ESL TMNF Elite Admins!
DeathDriver, Tuesday, 16/09/08 14:45
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