2on2 Speed Winter Cup finished
Yesterday the final between Men of Speed and WildMotherFuckers took place and the winner is known. Check out the news to see the result.

Top 3

Gratulations to Men of Speed for winning this cup. GG WP!

Prizes for Winners

ESL Premium Account
1st Place: 2*3 Months
2nd Place: 2*2 Months
3rd Place: 2*1 Months

Cup Winner:
Special Winter Award

The prizes will be handed out via pm to the team captain!

2on2 Speed Winter Cup

I want to say thanks to all teams and players who participated. It was a pleasure to host this cup for you.
Also I want to thank all people who sent in their maps making this cup possible. In total we got 21 maps with 18mappers involved. 15 maps were used, divided in 5 mappacks.

Of course I'm happy about every constructive feedback and will take it in consideration the next time. Tell me what you liked or what you disliked.

Stay informed!

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//Your Admin team
smog, Sunday, 20/04/14 07:07
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