CPS 10: Mappacks&map cycle - *3rd pack is out*
In this news you will find information about the mappacks, and their usage. We still would like to ask the mappers who cannot find their maps here, to not to publish yet - they can easily find their maps in the upcoming packs.


We would like to thank you all for sending your maps. A part of them was already used on the ESL Major Series Winter Season 2012 TMNF. Here you will find 9 more! The boxes are going to be updated at the dates given below.

Mappack 1

Mappack for Playdays 1-3

Map A: ESL - I follow you by ¬xeøn.G!go
Map B: ESL - Headliner by Funteam.Nevermind
Map C: ESL - Grinder by BX3 JohΝ! **Update2**

Sunday, 23rd December

Mappack 2

Mappack for Playdays 4-6

Map D: ESL - Carrots at pool by [DFF]wormí
Map E: ESL - raiN A by Maxwell
Map F: ESL - hard pink by тят|cilky
Sunday, 27th January

Mappack 3

Mappack for Playday 7 and Playoffs & Relegations

Map G: ESL - Rag on a stick by 8. pain | iGn'
Map H: ESL - Dream Flavour by BX3 JohΝ
Map I: ESL - Solarstone by LoCoBuDDha

Sunday, 17th February

Map distribution

1: 13th Jan 20.00
I Follow You
2: 20th Jan 20.00
I Follow You
3: 27th Jan 20.00
I Follow You
4: 3th Feb 20.00
Hard pink
raiN A
Carrots at pool
5: 10th Feb 20.00
Carrots at pool
Hard pink
raiN A
6: 17th Feb 20.00
raiN A
Carrots at pool
Hard pink
7: 24th Feb 20.00
Rag on a stick
Dream Flavour

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//Your Admin team
Rasque, Sunday, 17/02/13 18:19
comments (44)
Gogo ;)
i'm sorry but it's a worst mappack that i've ever seen from ESL, especially maps A & C, exept map B
but thx for job to all mapmakers and gl hf
1 edits
in map C (esl-grinder) is a cut ; /
I already fixed the cut and changed another little thing. I'm waiting for feedback of Rasque now if I can stay with these changes.
+1 #6
Mappack updated!!!!!!
Don't know if cut thing is now fixed but changing this ~37s curve is a big improvement for sure :-)
meh, inside part around 30 secs now is easy... :/
but so much better ;)
B3pp0'92 wrote:
meh, inside part around 30 secs now is easy... :/

But its alot less buggy man :)
Woki wrote:
B3pp0'92 wrote:
meh, inside part around 30 secs now is easy... :/

But its alot less buggy man :)

dam cant play..im in holiday lol...GL for first match all :D
Still cut on GrindeR, i got a 57.11 ;)
Just drive into the checkpoint, turn around, and go back to the start and drive the cut of esu Mystery.
Cut still not really fixed :D
Mappack Updated!!
hope in future packs we can have more hard, long (1.04.x maps) and challenging maps. At least one long map per mappack would be awesome. This 3 are all to short.
Enjoy video about map ESL- I follow you
g0g0 relaese 2nd mappack :P
The second map pack maps are, besides Hard Pink, pretty terrible.
Better maps for playday 7 i guess.
When you release 3rd mappack :P
gogo 3rd mappack :D
yeah gogo 3rd mappack <3
gogo 3rd mappack ._.
when 3rd mappack is release? -.-
There :)
Thx! =)
rofl @ DreamFlavour map... In the history of ESL, I've never seen the worst map lol! xD
GJ picking JOhn maps, didnt you learn when you got the feedback from Grinder?
someone has a replay of dreamflavour?

I played it a while, but after seeing the author time i doubt that it is the right way xD
Bergie wrote:
GJ picking JOhn maps, didnt you learn when you got the feedback from Grinder?

The admins' choice is about a map, not a person. And they were picked long ago, not just now.
I don't think Dream Flavour is a bad map, it's just a little difficult to find the right way at first - I figured it out after 10 minutes. At 16-17 seconds you have to turn 90° left, there's even a sign but I obviously didn't pay much attention to it, lol
Replay would be awesome :D
1 edits
good mappack imo :)
oh snap! not again a map by john.. xD
took me some time to figure out the john map.. then i came to the loco map and gave up -,,- maybe we should start to include a replay with maps like this ... ^^
Haaaard pack..
Rag on a stick has been updated in the mappack3.
There is a cut on Dream Flavour. I did 54.19 but got kicked of dedi
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