Competition 1on1 Nightcup #40 *Results*
Wanna compete on the new tracks? Sign up and do so. We are on continuing the nightcup series and we let the new maps played this time.


Register yourself by the Sign Up and check in 30 minutes before the cup starts by the "Check-in".

Trackmania Nations Forever Nightcups


  TMNF Competition 1on1 Nightcup #40

   Date: Thursday 15/11/12 20:00
   Mode: 64 slots, Single Elimination, one map per round, Team mode until 7 Points
   Links: Tournament tree
   Cup Support:
   Restrictions: valid TMNF login entered
   Signup: closes 15/11/12 20:05 latest   
   Maps: Competition mappack II/2012

Please Join on IRC to easily find your opponents.

Map distribution:

Round 1: 20:00 | ESL - Beatdown
Round 2: 20:30 | ESL - Fustang
Round 3: 21:00 | ESL - Chronicle
Round 4: 21:30 | ESL - Guilty
Round 5: 22:00 | ESL - Eistee'

Final: 22:30 | ESL - Beatdown

The round times may not be moved.

Please Join on IRC to easily find your opponents. We do not accept heavy delays because of not being there or missing the communication with the opponent! If there are no communication on IRC or in the match sheet/matchchat, the match will be closed manually with a random outcome.


In this Cup we use the Check-In system to prove that players who join also participate in the cup. And we can allow people in the last minute to join, if not enough players confirm their registration!

Phase 1 - Reservation (Green)
Just like you're used to. Sign up if you're interested in playing.

Phase 2 - Confirmation (Yellow)
This takes place 30 minutes before the cup starts. Everybody with a reserved slot from Phase 1 is now able to confirm parcitipation in the cup. Beware: you only have 10 minutes for this.

Phase 3 - Signup (Red)
Didn't get a slot in Phase 1? Now all the non-confirmed slots from Phase 2 are ready to be taken by the first ones who sign in.

Please Join on IRC to easy find your opponents. Otherwise post server details in the match comments.

Good Luck and have fun!

Stay informed!

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//Your Admin team
Rasque, Saturday, 10/11/12 15:04
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24 ppl? cmon.. you can do better than that.. :)
I'm not from Belgium xD
B1ts wrote:
I'm not from Belgium xD

;D fixed
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