HM vs. 3306902
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MatchID 17008783
Date Sunday, 24 January 19:00
Calculated Sunday, 07 February 13:58
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7 : 0
7 : 0
HM wins !
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comments (11)
I won't be able to play at weekend, i prefer playing before friday evening or from monday on. thank you <3
so please tell me something :)
sorry i had problem with open matches i loose all open matches now they are back :D hehe
Ye i can after weekend. So for exemple monday 20h??
don't know yet, maybe i got to meet some others for a school project...i guess tuesdays would suit better
ok and for maps i choose Irish Tech
me Black Curves then xD to have a short match :P
when you want to play today ?
only nolifers are online around 7.07h xD well, 20:00h should be fine
im available but i dont know the maps xD didnt play tm for a while...rdy to play? i can idle at the serve then while u finish some rounds xD

dunno...^^ only ron turbo maps in? :D and we dont play them lol
oh sorry i forgot that i had exem yesterday so im was not at home at that time :D and i also forgot to tell you that xD.
you wanna play another time ( chance to learn maps :D) or write no show for me :D
dunno yet, sucky game :D
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