MaDrivers Team vs. T.Squad
Contestants Parameters
 7.  25.

 MaDrivers Team
Status: closed
MatchID 21061326
Date Wednesday, 12/01/11 14:00
Calculated 12/01/11 17:09
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Result Media
ESL Resistance 7 : 1
ESL Perfection 7 : 1
MaDrivers Team wins !
Points +16 : -16
12/01/11 15:36
27 kB, 12/01/11 15:36, by ANUBIS (MD)
12/01/11 15:36
28 kB, 12/01/11 15:36, by ANUBIS (MD)
* No longer available


comments (10)
Hello :)
Can you play 4vs4 ??
Let's play on our server ;)
Location: poland>>swietokrzyskie>>MD*serwer
pw: esl
to add our server: tmtp://#addfavourite=md_team
it's a 3on3
your server ok for us
Ok ;) So, see you on wednesday :)
can we postpone the mach for one hour?
we are having trouble with our players...
ainda bem k nao vo puder jogar essa war, por 2 razoes, to bues destreinato nestas pistas e nao tanho o pc a tempo da war =)
Ok ;) It's not problem for us to play 1 hour later ;)
spectators allowed?
Nope :P
we want one spect.
if your server doesn't suport and LAG, ours don't, and we take the mach in ours
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If the spect is from your team is ok ;) And we start in 10 minutes, as we agreed.
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