MaDrivers Team vs. Ultimate Gaming
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 MaDrivers Team
 Ultimate Gaming
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MatchID 17632544
Date Thursday, 04/03/10 14:00
Calculated 04/03/10 16:58
Created by Autochallenger
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ESL-ReBorn 1 : 7
ESL-SoCio 2 : 7
Ultimate Gaming wins !
Points -22 : +22

Ultimate Gaming

comments (25)
Yo! :)
Hi ;)
Can we play on friday ??
Hey :)

no we cannot play on friday.
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OK ;/
Can we play at 19.30 ??
Hm, that's bad. We have another match at 19h, I don't think that we'll be ready till 19.30... Could you pls pick your map? :>
Is it mandatory match, or just stupid autochalanger ??
I don't know, sorry...
it an autochallenger match..
can we play on saturday ??

im very sorry but we really need the point to qualify for cps.
But i think in hot phase its a defwin for us if you dont show up and you dont get pp´s but i will ask an admin about that tomorrow ;) So please tell us soon if you can play or not :)
We played our mandatory matches, and if it's autochalanger we don't want to play it, so ask admin what it is. Becouse if it autochalanger it shouldn't be wo.
And by the way, you don't need more points to get to ps5, couse you have enough points to qualify in.
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I just talked to an admin, its defwin for us and no pp´s for you. there are 70 slots in cps and 85 teams have signed in, im will not take any risk on that. Dont blame us, im sure you would do the same ;)
ok, then maybe another way ;)
We would like to join ps5 as well ;) if we play against you, it will be imposible :/
you have a certain position to advance to ps5, becouse 50 from 85 teams advance directly becouse of ps4, so 20 slots left, you are in top 10 in ladder, 3 other teams from 10 are directly promoted to ps5 becouse they were in ps4, so you are on 6 position in some way.
That is why I beg you to moved our match on another day pls ;)
I don't understand why it would be impossible for you to join PS5 if you played against us. You could really need the points and the laddershot is tomorrow. So if we drive later than today, the laddershot is over and you don't have the chance to get more points either.

Problem is that we don't have enough players at the weekend because they are going to parties etc. So we could just play Sunday or something. But we'll leave the ladder when the laddershot is over.

So sorry, I think that we would play the match only on default date, which means today 20h. I'm sorry, but you could have changed the match date earlier.

Cu m8s :)
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If we play against you, we will lose too many points :/ and then it will be imposible for us to join ps5.
You are in ps5 on 100% no matter if you play against us or not.
So i beg you again very much to move that match whenever you wish but after laddershot is over or just delete it please ;)
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Who says that you're gonna lose? :p
We both know, that you are much better than we.
If we play against you we will lose our chance to advance to ps5, and you even without this match are certeinly in ps5 ;)
So please, move or agree to delete this match ;)
Well we are really motivated to play our last few matches and especially our "younger" members would like to receive a bit match experience :) I'll talk to psykoman and tell you later on if we agree on deleting or moving the match.

But I have to say once again that you could have asked to move the match date earlier than yesterday :p
yea, i know i should have written it earlier but we thought that we get enough points :/ sorry
Pls ask him, and if you want to give chance to play your 'younger' members we can play any time but not today.

I talked to some of my teammates because this is a very hard desicion for us. We really dont want to disappoint you, but i am responsible for the whole team and as i am not so sure that qualifing is that easy (because there are 70 teams from last cps, not 50 as you said), i have to tell you that we can not agree on deleting this match. I really hope you can join cps somehow anyway, but in this case i have to decide in the terms of my team.

Sorry and good luck to you, hope you understand that.
I am very disappointed :/ I don't know how you calculated that is 70 teams from previous ps, couse there is only 50.
Give us details about server :/
There were 4 groups of third league last season.

Anyway, server:

Ultimate | Train+War
in Germany->Lower Saxony->Hannover
pw: ultimatch
relay also in hannover
gg MD :)
gg all:)
Would you confirm the result, pls? :)
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