MaDrivers Team vs. Team SynatixX Tech.tmnf
Contestants Parameters
 22.  38.

 MaDrivers Team
 Team SynatixX Tech.tmnf
Status: closed
MatchID 16913934
Date Sunday, 17/01/10 13:00
Calculated 17/01/10 13:54
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Result Media
ESL-SoCio 7 : 3
ESL-Primus 7 : 1
MaDrivers Team wins !
Points +21 : -21
comments (7)
With how many players do you want to drive?
We prefer to play 3vs3, but it depends on how many players will come ;)
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Which server do you want to use?
We can play on our server, if you agree ;)
yeah it's ok 3vs3 and your server
Server location: poland>>swietokrzyskie>>name: md*rekrutacja

pw: madness
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