Iceman vs. Rapace
Contestants Parameters
 171.  186.

Status: closed
MatchID 12496603
Date Thursday, 12/02/09 07:45
Calculated 12/02/09 09:17
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Result Media
ESL-QuiteMove 7 : 4
ESL-Chillout 4 : 7
Hock 2 : 5
Rapace wins !
Points -27 : +27
comments (10)
yes i've a server, i take you information 15 min before the match ;)
Server : ESL Saw iceman (Germany/...)
pw : 1on1
Yes but your server isn't here for this moment ?
now yes

U found this server ?
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No, sorry but your server is not here.
Can you give me accurate place of your server please ?
You met "iceman" in the magnifying glass, and normally the server appears:
ESL Saw iceman
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Sorry, but no.
I've already serched and your server not appears.
Accurate place of your server ?
Also i can take a serv if yours have problems.
Germany/Berlin normally;

if you can't find we'll take your server ;) Sorry for this waiting
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Nice match ;)
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