RaZor vs. bob
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 35.  52.

Status: closed
MatchID 10535954
Date Friday, 08/08/08 10:30
Calculated 08/08/08 11:12
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Result Media
ESL-CupTrack I 7 : 2
ESL-CupTrack P 2 : 7
ESL-Cuptrack H 1 : 0
RaZor wins !
Points +24 : -24
comments (4)
ok I can host server.
If u agree with that, I post server details 30min before match.

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ok will be fine
ok server details:
Name AOS_ESL (blue/red)
pw: aosi
location: GER/ Northreihn Westphalia/ Düsseldorf

The server will be up a few min before match gl & hf
gg and thx 4 match

don't know why I did those bad times on P, so don't worry ;)
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