Grono vs. bob
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Status: closed
MatchID 10491923
Date Sunday, 03/08/08 17:15
Calculated 03/08/08 17:56
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ESL-CupTrack H 7 : 5
ESL-CupTrack P 3 : 7
0 : 1
bob wins !
Points -24 : +24
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9.3.4. Matches between team mates
Matches between mates of a clan are strictly forbidden.
Matches, created by the auto challenger are allowed.
The obligation matches of the amateur series are also part of them.
Team mates are players in a team who participate or recently participated in a ladder or a cup together.
If a match not created by the auto challenger or obligation match is favored, it has to be written down in a report, explicitly.

Please consider this rule in your matches FF.

Regards Ice
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