Core l iGn vs. MaDrivers Team
Contestants Parameters
 15.  33.

 Core l iGn
 MaDrivers Team
Status: closed
MatchID 30058935
Date Sunday, 18/05/14 14:00
Calculated 18/05/14 15:45
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Result Media
3 : 3
Points +1 : +1
18/05/14 15:06
555 kB, 18/05/14 15:06, by Wotre (iGn)
18/05/14 15:43
559 kB, 18/05/14 15:43, by Wotre (iGn)
18/05/14 15:43
616 kB, 18/05/14 15:43, by Wotre (iGn)
18/05/14 14:59
580 kB, 18/05/14 14:59, by Wotre (iGn)
* No longer available

Core l iGn

MaDrivers Team

comments (11)
Hello guys, ready fr a great CPS season ;)
Hf and good luck
Hey :D
Can we play at 21:00 PM, ofc if it's no problem for you? :)
Hey guys! No Anubis to welcome us? :) Good luck this season!

We prefer to play 20h30 if that's possible? Don't really care which server, both is fine I guess.
hey hi hello :D
Oh, change of plans. We can play 20:00 or 20:30, whatever. Your choice :D
Too late Anubis! :) Ok, let's stay with 20h30 then for the moment! I saw that you hosted last match, so we will be your host this time then :)
Great :) see you then.
Server: Warzone.Core|iGn to be found in Belgium
Joinlink: maniaplanet://#join=ign_core@TMStadium
Pw: will be given 20h25
gg wp
GL in future iGn :)
Great match! gg wp and goodluck FoW! :)
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