Fanatics! Warriors vs. Easy.eSports
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 Fanatics! Warriors
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MatchID 30058930
Date Sunday, 29/06/14 12:00
Calculated 30/06/14 06:01
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1Major Penalty  for  Fanatics! Warriors
    ( Did not show up )

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29/06/14 11:36
No-Show Fanatics
Hey ESL-admins

as in the rules discribed i open this ticket to report the no-show of fanatics.

Furthermore i wanna state that fanatics asked for an earlier time to play this match. We agreed and our players showed up earlier just to please fanatics and have a nice and fair match.
Instead we just wasted our time by training this mappack one week for no reason. This is just frustrating.

So as you seed the divisions now by your own, as it seems, please keep that in mind

best regards, paxmower_
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hey, default time? your server?
Hey Fanatics!

i hope you are aware of the fact, that def-time next sunday will be 18:00CEST.
They moved the CPS match, because of the CC matches later on this evening (grandfinal 20:00CEST).

I asked my team if def-time will be fine for us. It seems so right now, but i can't confirm this so far. How about you?

and yes, we can host a server if you want.
Could you play at 17h or 21h? We are asking
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i aseked my team and will inform you asap

17:00CEST is fine for us.

you'll find our server by searching for "ek_" ...the password will be "match"
cu tomorrow,
gl hf
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This match will be streamed by StubbyTV in german language.
Sorry Ek but fanatics no drive today.
def win for you!
anyway good luck to you guys
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