Core l iGn vs. MaDrivers Team
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 23.  8.

 Core l iGn
 MaDrivers Team
Status: closed
MatchID 29179190
Date Sunday, 01/12/13 14:00
Calculated 01/12/13 16:21
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2 : 4
MaDrivers Team wins !
Points 0 : +3
01/12/13 15:16
573 kB, 01/12/13 15:16, by Wotre (iGn)
01/12/13 15:36
575 kB, 01/12/13 15:36, by Wotre (iGn)
01/12/13 15:55
508 kB, 01/12/13 15:55, by Wotre (iGn)
01/12/13 15:00
599 kB, 01/12/13 15:00, by Wotre (iGn)
* No longer available

Core l iGn

comments (12)
Hello iGn :)
Hey guys! Old mD# (at least some of us) vs old MD :)

Playing on Monday evening, is that an option for you? We can host, but if you can it's fine as well.
Hey guys, GL HF
Hey fow ;)
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Hello old mD :D I remember last time when we had to play in the big match md vs md you gave wo :P I hope this time it will be a nice fight :) but dont train too much if you want close match ^^

about monday I'll ask my teammates and let you know asap.
sorry but we cant play on monday, only sunday. hope it's ok :)

and we can host aswell :D
Ok for sunday, no problem :) Can you play at 20h30?
20.30 is ok, cya then :)

Server details:
Name: Fow.Private
Location: Poland >> Swietokrzyskie
URL: maniaplanet://#addfavourite=fow-serwer
Password: esl ( I'll set it up after our prematch around 20.25 )

gl &hf ^^
Alright, cya tomorrow :)
can we start with 5v5 ?

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gg :D

thx for nice match & gl in future ^^
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