Drivers From Finland vs. MaDrivers Team
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 Drivers From Finland
 MaDrivers Team
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Date Sunday, 17/11/13 14:00
Calculated 17/11/13 16:12
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0 : 6
MaDrivers Team wins !
Points 0 : +3
17/11/13 15:22
30 kB, 17/11/13 15:22, by ANUBIS (MD)
17/11/13 15:22
35 kB, 17/11/13 15:22, by ANUBIS (MD)
17/11/13 15:22
33 kB, 17/11/13 15:22, by ANUBIS (MD)
17/11/13 15:22
48 kB, 17/11/13 15:22, by ANUBIS (MD)
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Drivers From Finland

comments (10)
Hello fow! I'll ask this early already: we'd like to play the match in a way that allows us to drive the Formula ET (FET) match 20.15-> on Sunday. Basically, a day from the next week or earlier Sunday would be great. Getting two people to drive FET is harder than usual that weekend we have the match as I'm not available to play and having a ESL match at the same time would make it impossible to give our best in FET :)

Could you already think when you would be able to drive (till Wednesday would work for us) so we can plan things to make it easier to have a different time?

Hi dff ;)

I'll ask my teammates and let you know asap.
we can play only on sunday.

at 19.30 the earliest and at 21.00 the latest.

We can host ^^
Hi Fow! Well, that's a bit unfortunate. We really hoped that we could have driven this match on some other date. That way we would have been able to avoid that collision with FET. But yeah if this is the case, I guess that we will play on sunday. Still, I would like to make another request: Could we start the match at 19.00 CET on sunday? This way we might be able to prevent collision with FET and so on. I hope you could consider it. Please? :) After all, it's only half an hour earlier than 19.30, so I believe that this shouldn't be an absurd request. :)

Yeah okay, if you have an server with FAST, you can host. ^^
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sorry but one of our player is back home around 18.30.
we have to play prematch, so 19.30 is realy the earliest we can play :/

so ? when do you want to play ?
If you can play 5v5 first and 3v3 as second, 19.30 might just and just work. Of course 19.00 would be better as after 20.00 we will lose 1-2 players in FET.
What if you make this:
- play the 1 or 2 subs in which you need the player the most at 18:40, others before
- be ready at 19.00
Of course if it is just impossible and the guy you wait is some super nolif0r who just has to be driving each possible map, I understand you point of view. Still, I'm sad for that it always seems to be DFF losing the match time/date fights, even tho all other times than Sunday 20.00-21.45 would work to us. And the whole team thinks that :D If no 19.00, let's go with 19.30 then I guess.

Jabuz or someone will confirm.
Yep I agree with wormi. As it seems we have some issues with our lineup so 19.00 would be preferred. Like wormi said, if 19.00 doesn't work in any way, at least we need to play 5v5 and 3v3 first, so some of those players can go to drive FET.

Please do remember to post server infos soon also, thanks. :)

Anyway, see you guys tonight, HF! ^^
so 19.30 :P and i think that we can start with 5v5 ;)

Server details:
Name: Fow.Private
Location: Poland >> Swietokrzyskie
URL: maniaplanet://#addfavourite=fow-serwer
Password: esl ( I'll set it up after our prematch around 19.25 )


:/ we have to start with 1v1, and after this whatever you want.
sry and hope it's ok, and we're rdy ;)
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gg guys, thx for the match.

thx for the match and sorry for this delay on 1st map :(

gl in further matches ;)
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